Cardiohealth (NI) relaunches cardiovascular screening clinics in Zest Health Shop Armagh!

Most people understand the benefits of having a regular dental check or eye test! So why not get tested to find out how healthy your arteries are?

Statistics indicate that over 60% off those that have a heart attack have normal brachial (arm) blood pressure and normal cholesterol. These tests don’t really reveal if there is any damage to the arteries or not!

So how do you know if you have a problem? Often you don’t! Until now!

Cardiohealth (NI) is the first and only company in Northern Ireland with the state-of-the-art Arteriograph, which is designed to detect any damage being done to the heart through lifestyle and diet. This test is a little bit like giving your Arteries an MOT!

The test identifies problems and a detailed report with advice on diet and natural health solutions are then provided that can help enhance your cardiovascular health.

Cardiohealth (NI)’s director, David McCollum is a qualified physiotherapist, naturopath and nutritionist and has worked in the health field for 28 years and has established an excellent reputation over the last 3 years having screened over 4500 clients via a reputable Northern Ireland Pharmacy.

CardioHealth has now come to Zest Natural Health !!! NEXT CLINIC 22ND OCTOBER 2016

This test is suitable for anyone over 16 or anyone who has a family history of heart disease, kidney disease or diabetes, who smokes, drinks or is overweight and/or participates or is returning to sport.

The price for this is only £50.

Our motto is “Prevention before intervention”.

Don’t hesitate; book now it could be your best investment ever!

Tel: Zest Health Store Tel 028 3751 1651 to make an appointment.

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